Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hey guys! I sort of forgot that this blog exists. I am on the fence as to whether I want to start a new one or if I am going to just start throwing stuff up on this. Clearly, me writing this suggests I have made my choice. I'm such an asshole.

I ran 11.5 today - met a girl named Kat who was talking to JB when I met him in the park. Brazilian artist/dancer who also runs all the time.  Is about to move to Russia- apparently her name is Russian, and I think she is going for language school.  Regardless. Really nice. She gave us her card and took a photo of us. She was very nice, clearly smart, and friendly.  I suggested we run together.  I am going to email her later and hopefully we can make it happen.

I am also working on more comedy. It's hard, and great. I am booked on a few shows this summer at the comedy store belly room, and I need to expand and lock down new material. I am working on the same stuff- being raised by women, thinking like a woman, and what it's like to have am externally imposed sexuality crisis.  If that needs more explaining, come see my show!


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