Saturday, February 07, 2009

On wednesday, I was on the losing end of what the ER nurse referred to as a "Bike vs. Car" Accident. A testament to my bad luck -I had a landscaper without a license cut me off and stopped me via my head and left shoulder smacking his pickup - and relative good luck - it happened near Fountain and Vermont within clear sight of a Hollywood Scientology Center surveillance camera. Here is the video - give it about 15 seconds, and I come in from the right, and the brown truck comes in from the left:

I couldn't figure out how maybe 60 seconds after I hit the deck there were all these private security personnel everywhere, and it is because the Scientology people have the neighborhood surrounding their center covered with cameras, which in this case worked out for me great. They called the ambulance (and the cops), and held onto my bike while I was in the hospital, AND offered me this security video. According to Trevor and Jason, the security guys I spoke to, they do this all the time, and if they are always like they were with me, they do it incredibly cheerfully.

Anyway, the ambulance came, they put me on a backboard, and drove me the 2 blocks to the emergency room. I was originally planning to walk, but once the ambulance showed up they kind of had to justify being there, hence the neck brace and all.

The good news:
X-rays were negative, no stitches, no concussions, but I was pretty banged up and had a huge lump on my head and a very sore shoulder, back, and ass (that's the part that stopped me when I hit the ground). My blackberry got smashed, my bike is within the range of repair but certainly worse for wear, and I now get to retire this helmet, which yes, mom, I was wearing. I am not going to be working out for a while and will probably need a few chiropractic visits and massages, at the least, to make things right.

After it's all over let me be clear in saying that I wouldn't recommend it.

The good news is that the landscaper who hit me, although without a license, does have insurance.

I'll keep you posted, and thanks to all who have called in support and to check in on me.


Blogger Jason said...

Again, glad you're alright. At least the guy stopped and got out of his truck. Unfortunately, I think that's more than can be expected of too many people.

8:12 AM  
Blogger kathy j said...

Hey Adam, I'm glad that you are OK and wish I was there to work with you on rehab massage! Much love!

12:10 AM  

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