Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have a new president. About time.

My favorite moments (so far) from the inauguration coverage:

1) Stephen Spielberg being interviewed on CNN prior to the speech while the screen shows the crowd on the mall:

"What are you thinking Stephen?"
"Barack Obama is a force of energy-I can't wait to hear him speak. That and I could never afford this shot in a movie."

2) John Roberts Screwing up the Oath of Office.

Really? It's 35 words. The whole world is watching. One thing: Rehearse. Faithfully, if you will.

3) Dick Cheney being in a wheelchair for the inauguration

Has a certain Karmic beauty about it-being forced to remain below everyone around him, marching into Washington with a destructive, fascist agenda and being rolled out a broken man. I confess a certain note of unfriendly glee as the cameras showed the indignity of being placed in a limo from a wheelchair, just having to wait there as he is handled, the brake of the wheelchair put on, that unpleasant indignity of just sitting there while the people around you put the foot flaps up because you can't. Of course, I wish him to be happy and healthy so he can be around for many years and suffer the consequences of his action in the form of criminal convictions, publicly experiencing whatever public reputation (or his own idea of it) that remains being shredded, and time served in jail for his repeated, egregious violations of the Constitution and the duties to lead this country well. But in the meantime, I'll take him having to visibly suffer the indignities of throwing his back out and being forced to look up to Obama and Biden, and have to work to maintain his dignity while being heaved into a limo.

4) Bush's Fratboy handshake before getting on the helicopter.

The Obama's and the Bush's walk together down the steps (a cool move) and the final moment is Bush turning to Obama and giving him not a handshake that says "You are king now" but more "Put 'er there-That was a great barbecue" It was nice of him to "Bro' it out" with Obama before heading out.

5) Cannons on the mall.

That was awesome.

No one else has said it yet (I googled), I hope they rename Air Force One "BHO Speedwagon."