Thursday, April 24, 2008


This blog is the first thing to come up when you Google my name.

It is odd to me that this will be the lasting impression for many of you in my life who are on little google safari's (or whatever you want to call them when you snoop on people in your life). If anything, it makes me want to work on this blog. I just blather on in this thing and it feels far from my best work.

But it is something. I have increasing respect and appreciation for creating and producing actual work, even if it isn't brilliant. It is been a long road for me to believe in myself as a creator. Yes, religious readers, take offense! By "creator" I mean playing GOD- albeit to absurd ideas and comic ditherings. I am working myself up to the ethically problematic by starting with creating jokes ideas, then I thought I would move onto new omelettes, then a new arrangement of my bookshelves based on the godlessness of the content, with a finale of making a T-shirt that says "CREATOR" in all caps to so that I might really irritate the church crowd.

Eventually I will get up to something that will be mentioned by Rush Limbaugh or on the 700 Club as an abomination, but give me some time.

In the meantime, I want to make stuff. Jokes, shows, webisodes, scripts, ideas, insights, and things related. I would love to make shows for TV, or a movie, but that is way outside my scope for the moment. Right now my philosophy is start small, think big, stay steady.

Stay tuned to see what happens.

Or just Google me.

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