Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Writers Solidarity March, Nov 20, 2007

My upstairs neighbor and UCLA Screenwriting MFA candidate friend Byron popped in today. Not only di he confer upon me a key (with kitten-care responsibility over the long weekend) but he inivted me to the writers solidarity rally today on Hollywood BLVD. Besides the fact that I do support the Writers in all of this ugly business and I DO want to show honest solidarity, the temptation to actually meet some writers, and see what they are really like, was overwhelming.

First things first: Writers are, generally speaking, pretty funny, and generally more perceptive and (sometimes) more self-aware than the average person, but not -as I learned today and contrary to what seems to be the Hollywood Norm even though they play such a massive role in driving the machine- all that particularly attractive. Gotta wait for the SAG strike-god forbid, but that is probably what it is going to take to get a decent contract for any of these unions- for that one.

not that that really matters of course, but I remember thinking that to myself when I got there. One lousy year in LA, and I am already that shallow.

Also, I wanted to participate in something that defines the community of creative people, particularly writers, of which I so very much want to be a part. I felt like crap (another story for another time, but it is girl related) but I went anyway, and I am so glad I did.

Reason #1 Supported writers in a meaningful way/stuck it to the man.

Reason #2 & #3 Got closer to my friend Byron and met some of his friends and colleagues.

Reason #4 Celebrity sightings, particularly highlighted by my awkward introduction to Patton Oswalt, one of my comic heroes, which basically went like this:

[Adam realizes that little stubbly man is actually Oatton Oswalt, gasps, tells Byron in hushed tones, decides he MUSt say something but does not want to annoy his hero, hesitates, overthinks it, then artlessly hurls himself too far into his personal space and blurts:]
"Hey, Patton Oswalt!"

"Uh, hi."

"Hey, Thank you-I really love your comedy"

"Oh, thank-"

Interrupting before he can speak "Um, yeah, you really make me laugh all the time, [increasing self-consciousness] and I want to know I really appreciate it"


"So yeah, um...see ya" [drops head, scurries away convinced Oswalt thinks I am a kook]

Actually, I am sure he probably didn't think much of it, and forgot about it by the time he picked up his picket again.

I also bumped into, and had an awkward moment with Leslie David Baker, aka Stanley from the Office. It was of the "Make eye contact, realize you know them but not sure from where, have moment of realization that it is from TV, not sure what to say, and then look down suddenly" variety. he was looking back at me (we were about 6 inches apart, actually) thinking "do I know this guy? Because he is looking at me like we know each other." Grace under pressure, let me tell you.
Big high point-saw Rob Mcelhenny and Kaitlin Olsen from my latest addiction, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" which might be the funniest TV show ever created.

Reason #5 Got to hold a picket, and dream about the day I would actually be part of the union I was supporting.