Monday, July 09, 2007

JB and I needed something to put on the front door of our apartment to let the world (specifically our new neighbors) know what we are all about. We live in a world of branding, so we knew we needed to be on the ball in establishing our identity in the building as neighbors you can count on, not just for a cup of sugar or a plunger, but as friends.

Some of our Favorites:

Avoidable Conversations Symposium

Care-Bear Fetishist Recovery Meeting 7 PM Tuesday

Why No Means Yes

Wyoming Cultural Exchange Center

Para-Psychology and You: Is a Ghost-Therapist the right choice?

Totally Bionicated

Los Angeles Air-Traffic Controllers Lounge

Scottish-Norwegian Cycling Federation

Werewolf Reintegration Resource Center

Strategic Pre-Natal Psychics Coalition

The Also-Rans (which in and of itself might work):

Truth Here Weekly

Woolen Underwear Institute

Independent Set-Decorators Cooperative

United Alliance of Super-Positive Thinkers and Optimistically Inclined

If you have any ideas, send 'em over!


Blogger Ludmilla Lima said...

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Blogger Ludmilla Lima said...

Hey man on Board! Here I am... hoping to hear from you in my email address... kiss kiss. Ludmi:::

2:26 AM  
Blogger adam said...

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