Friday, February 09, 2007

Monday is my 28th Birthday. I just started to get some things in the mail for the big day. So far, my favorite -well, only one I have opened- is from my grandmother. She sent a card with two checks both for 28 dollars. That is frickin' adorable.

This birthday is different than any other I have ever had. Challenges abound regarding what to do: I am in Los Angeles, a city that for me exists in a limbo state between totally new and comfortably familiar. I know a number of people, none of whom I would consider close friends, and with no significant other the path of birthday plans becomes obscured. Who do I call? Do I plan something? What exactly? And for whom? I am not universally loved by a large group of people (only a matter of time), and the people I do know rarely know each other. Also, it is on a Monday, and after two and a half days of getting loaded, who wants to rage it on a Monday? Exactly.

So I am going to keep it simple. Good food, good champagne, and something really really fun with someone I like. Oh, and let's not forget chocolate. I think this is going to be a great birthday.

My last three birthdays have been pretty good. My sister came out to visit me in Seattle for 25, I spent 26 taking my self out to a champagne lunch and then going out to dinner at Cafe Campagne with my girlfriend at the time (probably the best bday I have ever had), and 27 was spent on a Boat trip in Glacieres National Park and then a ribeye dinner with lots of wine in El Calafate, Argentina. MMM. I love getting older.


Blogger LavaLover said...

ParabĂ©ns pra vocĂȘ... nesta data querida... muitas felicidades... muitos anos de vida!!! That's how Happy Birthday song goes in my beloved Brasil (with an S). And this one's heartfelt. Hope it went well, and I also know many people that do not know each other - my parties can be really funny or a disaster. We pay a price. :) You've got mail(s). Feel kissed and hugged, Lud-

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