Friday, February 09, 2007

Monday is my 28th Birthday. I just started to get some things in the mail for the big day. So far, my favorite -well, only one I have opened- is from my grandmother. She sent a card with two checks both for 28 dollars. That is frickin' adorable.

This birthday is different than any other I have ever had. Challenges abound regarding what to do: I am in Los Angeles, a city that for me exists in a limbo state between totally new and comfortably familiar. I know a number of people, none of whom I would consider close friends, and with no significant other the path of birthday plans becomes obscured. Who do I call? Do I plan something? What exactly? And for whom? I am not universally loved by a large group of people (only a matter of time), and the people I do know rarely know each other. Also, it is on a Monday, and after two and a half days of getting loaded, who wants to rage it on a Monday? Exactly.

So I am going to keep it simple. Good food, good champagne, and something really really fun with someone I like. Oh, and let's not forget chocolate. I think this is going to be a great birthday.

My last three birthdays have been pretty good. My sister came out to visit me in Seattle for 25, I spent 26 taking my self out to a champagne lunch and then going out to dinner at Cafe Campagne with my girlfriend at the time (probably the best bday I have ever had), and 27 was spent on a Boat trip in Glacieres National Park and then a ribeye dinner with lots of wine in El Calafate, Argentina. MMM. I love getting older.