Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

In a halloween/spooky spirit, check out the scariest shit I have seen all day. People actually buy this for their kid's rooms, which is both hilarious and horrifying. I imagine that 15 year old boys under the reign of some controlling, puritanically conservative parents are rejoicing they have something they can put on their wall to jack off to. I am going to stop this before it creeps me out anymore than it already has.

On things not scary but actually fun: my costume from last night. I was kicked in the ass to dress up by the job, but as necessity is the mother of invention, I ended up doing some good work. The Theme? Superhero. Any hack can dress as Spiderman or the Green Lantern (who actually knows who the Green Lantern actually is?) but this was begging for interpretation.

Hence the creation of the "Impotence Avenger." I was telling Erin of my need for a costume, and suggested Erectile Dysfunction man, which became IA and I ran with it. It started with a blue shirt and blue long underwear, thankfully under anti-plum smuggling running shorts.

Next came a headband with a mars (male) logo on it, then I had a picture of my nemesis "Mr. Softee" with a slash through his very non-rigid face. Hung around my neck were the source of all my super power: my "Super balls" in my "Super Ball-sack." From my waistband hung a bottle with a Viagra logo full of blue m and m's.

Needless to say, it was a big hit. I couldn't decide on my tagline, though. Both "keep it up" and "work hard, play harder" seemed to fit the bill. I'll let you decide.


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