Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes getting back on that travel email-blog horse can be less thangraceful. For example, the responses to my last dispatch included afair number of you who expressed concern over my sister's foot.

Let me be very clear: SHE IS GOING TO BE OKAY. It is a bunion, thereis no threat of amputation, I was just being (apparently) a little TOOcasual in the´`ole blog email.
On a side note, I do not want to freak anyone out more about pregnancy...it is scary enough as is, and props to you brave folks who undertake it.

But really, keep having kids people. If you are me, or one of myfriends, then obviously you are in a select genetic pool and we need tomake the most out of it. I know, I am such an arrogant jerksometimes. But at least I have good taste in those with whom Iassociate, right?
So, onto the next topìc on which some of you may need clarification...Iam not a prescription drug addicted coke fiend.

Just had to put that out there. Sometimes you never know how peopleare going to take something, especially anything I said last time.

But I must admit, it is very nice of so many of you to express concernand send best wishes to my sister.

Right now I am in La Paz, spending a few days here before working myway over to Lake Titicaca and Peru.

I got in last night and bumped into some friends I met in Chile, so wedecided to go out and grab some dinner. Usually in Bolivia this meansspending two or three dollars and getting chicken, rice, potatoes, witha little more chicken rice and potatoes.
Was I in for a surprise. Nadia is Canadian, and she heard about thisFrench-Canadian restaurant called Quebecois here in La Paz, and shereally wanted to go. Erick, this scruffy american from michigan wasthere too and we all headed off.
I was not sure what F-C cuisine was like, but I was thinking friedbadger and cheese curds, beaver pelts on the wall, etc.

We show up to white tablecloths, vivaldi on the sound system, lowlighting, and 8 pieces of silver per place setting. Mind you, I havenot showered in 36 hours, Nadia is wearing steel toe boots, and Erickis sporting a Quicksilver t-shirt and 8 days growth.

They don't blink an eye and seat us...we end up having one of the most luxurious traditional French dinners this guy has ever had, Asparaguswith Parmesan gratin and Ceasar salad to start, Medallions a la Dianne(wine mushrooms shallots cream) an inch thick and perfectly rare,chocolate mousse and crepes souzette for dessert, and a bottle ofexcellent chilean cab, impeccable service, all for about...11 bucks a person.

Yeah, I was into it. Rich, fatty, delicious, and inexpensive. Anyonewho makes it down here I will take you out. Just to put that on the table.

The conversation was interesting, I found out that on Sundays in La Pazthere is professional wrestling. Erick went and was thrilled to talkabout midgets dressed up as Chucky wrestling other midgets dressed upas ninja turtles, then other midgets wrestling Cholitas, the women whowear the blankets and bowler hats that you see everywhere in Bolivia. I swear I am not making this up.

Disturbing, disgusting, trashy, yes, and somehow fascinating in all ofit's horrifically bad taste.
I may go just to write about it and see what my tolerance fordisturbing reality really is. I probably won't, since I am sure itwould scar my thoughts for at least a few years, but again, you allwanted to be part of this experience.

Which raises the question, does it get any more real than aindigenously dressed bolivian woman body slamming a midget dressed as Chucky?

more later.


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