Friday, March 10, 2006

Have not been blogging much lately. Apparently a few of you really like this (thanks for letting me know) to the point of being a bit indignant at my little break. Daddy hasn't forgotten you. Just sit back, relax, and get ready for a big fat dose of...The Boardman.

I am currently emailing all of your Boardmaniacs (shut up Jill, you know you love it) from Santiago, Chile in the attic office of HerveyAllen, Pomona Class of '86 and more importantly ex-Sagehen Runner. I will get back to that in a second.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I had every intention of ending up inValpraiso, a port town on the coast. Well, I screwed up the bus times,and when I got to the station all the buses had already left. That is what I get for sleeping in (don't say it Ian, I already know what you're thinking).

I knew I was ready to leave so I asked what was still available...Santiago in 15 minutes? I'll take it! It's in Chile, right? And what grumpelstilskin does not want to go to a city named after a whale's vagina?!!?

The bus ride was memorable. Beautiful views over a 10000 foot pass,and really scary looking roads. Thanks to the guy sitting next to me, I found out that METALHEADS are similar the world over. Same blackshirts and pants and belt and socks and shoes, same lightning and skulls heavy graphic design on the t-shirt, same motorcycle jacket, same greasy skin, same long overgrown poorly kept hair, and most vividly, the same sinus-busting reluctance to shower regularly or use enough deodorant.

How do I know? An 8 hour bus ride next to one in an under-ventilated bus in the middle of a hot summer day. They played movies-criteria for picking movies: low quality and disturbingly violent- and at one point the flight attendant dude gave us an alfajore (alpha WHORE ay, orif you want, Alpha-Whore..YAY!), the argentine answer to the Choco-dile.Wait a second- I think that guy should have his own title...flight attendant is just wrong, ride or trip attendant sounds stupid, stewardnever why not the "BUS-terino?" or "Coach-illa?" If you got a better idea let's hear it.

So back to the Bus Station. I called him from the bus station payphone-though part of me was tempted by the Courvoissier, bus station th-kanks, and paytoilets- and said "Um yeah, I am the guy who told you I would be here in a week...and I am here right now, and...need a place to crash" and he said "No problemo!" which is Spanish for "I'll pick you up and we'll start drinking!" Ah to be a Sagehen...

Having been coached by Pat Mulcahy, and the bonds I have with those who can say the same, is the closest thing I have to being in a fraternity. The similarities continue when you consider the beer consumption. the uniform dressing, the partying, and of course the benign homo-eroticism that marks every frat I have ever seen (You will be hard pressed to see that many young men, that sweaty, in really short shorts andfrequently slapping each others butts outside of a hot summer night atManRay, of course). Take it from this 8 season athlete, Pat Mulcahy dedicated, Beer Mile organizing, Naked 400 champion: college, and my life since then, would not have been the samewithout it. But the upside is that we all had formative experiences in P-P XC andTrack, and lots of outrageous stories to tell thanks to recent Wig Teaching Award Winner Pat Mulcahy.

Who knew that a loud, abrasive, redfaced Irishman with artificial hips could be such a great coach andteacher? Not to get all sentimental, but we have him to thank for notonly some of the best times at Pomona, but also some of the mostpowerful lessons we learned in our four years there. Well, there are a lot of us out there that have had the PM experience and lived to tellabout it.

Lucky for me, we let each other crash in our guest rooms.

What can I say, even when I bristle at the thought of more 2 mile repeats in 95 degree smog, I know how much that all meant to us. Thanks, Pat.

So, I hope you liked a little dose of sentiment, now back to something funny. It is amazing how travelling, and sleeping in hostels makes youappreciate things such as, but not limited to, the following:
+A real mattress. You know a "mattress" other than decades-old foam rubber, so compressed that your shoulders and forced up to your earsand your feet are above your head, and the only thing that reminds youthat you are not in a hammock is that your butt is on the bedframe

+Free laundry!

+"Breakfast" other than Nescafe and toast

+A kitchen that includes more than two steak knives and a warped panwith no handle

+Did I mention the Laundry is FREE?!?

+The absence of snoring, smelly, perpetually drunk Australians


Not that I am complaining, mind you. But what do you expect from 8 bucks a night?

Speaking of Nescafe, the coffee down here has been consistently,predictably, spectacularly dissappointing. Now I know how Cubs fans feel. I go back and forth: do I have more distaste for corporateamerica or really bad coffee? A complicated question, one that was partially answered last night...I can not put into words how OVERCOME WITH PURE ECSTATIC JOY to see a Starbucks logo than I was to see Hervey pull a bag of Sumatra blend outof his freezer. I had sweet dreams last night knowing I would be waking up to the first decent cup in almost two months.

It was amazing.

If I smoked, I so would have laid in bed and had a cigarette after my three cups of sweet, adequately roasted and blended corporate whore coffee.Not that I could sit still mind you, but the thought is kind of romantic, no?

Ciao, Adam

Next to Pucon for a live volcano and hot springs-Keep your fingers crossed for lava flow and cute bikinis!


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