Thursday, February 02, 2006


Now, I am in Ezquel, killing a bit of time before the bus takes us off to Parque Nacional lo Alerces, apparently there are some really old trees there, like, older than my parents' parents' parents' grandparents, which is starting to hurt my brain thinking about (actually 3000+ years old).

In other news, we finally did some hiking. Went to the refugio at Cajon del Azul (thanks Alissa) which was very impressive. The rio azul basically looks like the Carribean, and I got to experience my summer mountain fantasy of jumping off of rocks into deep rivers on hot days. mmmm. The water is about 40 degrees, so you do not stay in long, but it is more invigorating than getting one of those carpet static shocks plus a slap in the face while chewing pop rocks all at once. Oh, and you are wet.

The refugio is very un-US. Basically a little lodge at the end of a trail, with a bunch of hippies camping around. It looked like the scene of 4 days before Phish comes into town. Lots of nappy hair and more exposed buttcracks than I would like to remember. everyone was very nice, of course, and I slept under the bazillions-yes that is a technical term-of stars for the first time in South America (Orion, the only constellation I know, is upside down).

on a linguistic note, you can rest assured that they speak the international language of 80's pop hits. I have not heard so much of the dirty dancing soundtrack, duran duran, debbie gibson, and madonna since my sister packed up her tapes and left for college.

Anyone know the spread in the super bowl?


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