Thursday, January 19, 2006

Who goes to Uruguay? And more importanlty is it even a country, or abrand of car wax? All I remember is from HS spanish class that it had a capital that wasfun to say and reminded me of Blockbuster. Believe it or not, thissmall south american nation won the world cup at some point, which ifyou are a man from outside the US you always dream your country willdo, because you are allowed even more machismo posturing than usual,and you are practically guaranteed to get laid that night. but actually folks it is a real country, and judging from the ranges ofages, they don´t just procreate based on international sportsvictories. it is very small, but it does have the beach that all the people fromBuenos Aires who everyone kept telling me weren´t there (everyone wantsto tell us how empty the city was, but if by empty you mean the streetsare full all hours of the day, full must mean total packed mayhem likeAbercrombie 70% off clearance sale in West Hollywood, or maybe a tokyosubway at rush hour), all apparently come here. well, i can understandwhy. the beach is great, it´s warm (well during the day), and justlike the rest of this continent, no one does anything until at least11. literally. we were in a restaurant at 9:45, and i felt like i was my grandmothereating dinner at 4:45. needless to say, we are still adjusting. so, this place feels like malibu (for all of you who kept talking aboutliving vicariously, look up punta del este, uruguay). The nice thingis, there aren´t hardly any americans, just uruguayans andargentinians, most of whom are myseteriously beautiful and in skinny. This is so not Seattle. We just decided from the guy on the plane that we would come here, andto do so we had to take this cool ferry from Buenos Aires to theuruguayan capital, and then a bus, both very efficient and comfortable. we are happy to be here, but at a certain point we were like "wait,did you ever think you would come to Uruguay? What are we doing inUruguay? and how can I make E-Z $$CASH$$ from home in my spare time?" Well, i know now that spam email can´t answer everything, especiallythe questions that you shout at your travel partner during wineinfluenced existential moments. I know, I am so deep. so here we are, and if nothing else it is a stamp on the passport. ifyou have read so far, you must really not want to work (I can relate). well, this spanish keyboard just killed three paragraphs about this guywe met in BA with his wife who hooked us up with all these travelarrangements and recommendations and directions for our coming weeks. ME being loving ice cream paid off (note to mom and erin: Ice cream:not just for thursdays and sundays anymore!) as we asked this couplenext to us at dinner the other night if they knew a good gelateria andit turned out he is an airline executive and he invited us to hisoffice and gave us free cokes (sweet), brought to us by a girl whosejob in the office was to bring people, well, free cokes and coffee. wemight have better cable and bigger cars, but seriously they havecertain things way better down besides that great introduction, they also recommended a greatgelato place (it is excellent here) and this hotel, where we had drinksand wrote in our journals and will make all of your brains swell andburst with jealousy of how nuclear hot it was. I have seen Italiancathedrals with less gold encrusting and Carrera marble that theirwashroom. (, i should go as it is 1:15, which means in this country thatpeople are going to start thinking about going out.



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