Thursday, January 19, 2006

Uruguayan beaches are distinctly different from NA beaches. First of all, they are packed. second, they are packed until about 8 at night. third, people are way less uptight about their bodies down here...for better or for worse (for the viewer), everyone one throws on a swimsuit and hangs out, no matter how old, overwieght, or in my case, whiter than a NASCAR fan club.

In other corporeal news, I thought Montezuma was only pissed about Mexico, but even several dozens of degrees south he is still exacting his toll on us gringos. In other words, the worst part about ordering strange fish off of a foreign menu is that you have to, ahem, experience it for another 24 hours. But, the upside is that the pharmacists in this country are all very nice, sympathetic women who are happy to help and, bless their hearts, accept american money in a pinch. and by pinch I mean otherwise needing a baƱo within 50 feet at all time and staring down the rapidly approaching stark reality 5 hour bus and boat ride. This will make a man out of me yet.

but for the most part, things are still coming up Boardman, as the weather is warm and sunny, I got a little color yesterday, and you know what, having nuclear runs in a wierd country far from home where I am still getting strange looks from my obivously american accent and dealing with the reality of really being out here with no job, no apt, etc, is still better than being in my office staring down a list of 50 high school seniors I need to call, or trying to stave off the crushing depression from 30 something straight days of rain. Nevertheless, thank god they sell Gatorade and immoium AD in this country. }

If they only knew what two-ply cotton blend was...



Blogger Jeffrey Matthew Cohen said...

Boardman! Love hearing about your South American adventures. Glad you got some color ;)

5:28 PM  
Blogger Carnival said...

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