Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So in the "things are coming up Boardman" dept, I talked to my friend in Buenos Aires from the Pomona Alumni Directory (go hens, oh wait, ¬°Vaya Hens!). Once I get to Buenos Aires (in a few weeks I imagine) I can pick any mail up, so just imagine how crushed i will be if there is none waiting for me, especially for you folks I actually manage to get a postcard off to.

Please send all letters, photos, good ideas, sea salt caramels, hair product, and wads of cash to:

Adam Boardman
c/o Roberto Liebenthal
Cuba 2155 - 2do Piso
1428 Buenos Aires

I will let you know if and when this changes (i.e. when I get a more permanent place of my own).


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